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General dentists and cosmetic dentists glasgow


It is important to understand the difference between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist in order to properly get the best dental treatment for what you want. It enables you to choose your dentist based on your actual needs and therefore you could end up saving time and money! General dentists and cosmetics dentists have the same initial training and education but much like doctors, any dentist can gain extra training in different areas like for example cosmetic dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is not a recognised speciality or designation but many dentists with cosmetic training can offer more advanced cosmetic treatments to their patients.


Both general dentists and cosmetic dentists can perform general treatments such as check-ups, fillings, crowns, cleaning needs and teeth whitening. You would often go to a general dentist for regular check-ups and procedures. However, if you are also concerned with the appearance of your teeth and need more aesthetic work on the look of your smile then you might consider a dentist with more cosmetic dental experience and training. Many of these dentists have undergone postgraduate education specifically on how your teeth look rather than just preventive and healthcare treatment of your teeth. Glasgow has numerous options for both cosmetic dentistry as well as general dentistry, so if you’re looking for a dental practice that can help you with either routine check-ups or cosmetics you will be spoilt for choice!


What cosmetic procedures in glasgow?


So cosmetic dentists are likely to be well trained to perform aesthetics-related treatments such as bonding, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, or smile makeovers. General care is the priority of all dentists but when you have perfect healthy the teeth the next step could be to get the perfect smile you have always dreamed of! Cosmetic dentists can give you a white, fresh and natural smile. A common example of the procedures carried out by a cosmetic dentist is getting a posterior (back) crown, a cosmetic dentist will try to make the cap look beautiful so that it contributes to the general aesthetics of your mouth, even if you or others can see it or not. Also, white fillings are often offered by cosmetic dentists rather standard silver fillings.


The following list shows some common procedures carried out by cosmetic dentists:


Choosing the best glasgow dentist for you


Cosmetic dentists are usually well versed in treating aesthetic cases because they perform these dental procedures all day long, on a diverse pool of patients. Cosmetic dentistry will also so help with your general oral health so visiting a cosmetic dentist here in Glasgow could be a great move for your smile.