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Not every broken tooth can be repaired with a simple dental filling.

When it happens, breaking a tooth can be a painful experience. It will likely come as a surprise in most cases, perhaps when we are eating or as a consequence of an accident.

Additionally, cracks or breaks can take many different shapes and sizes, requiring numerous restorative procedures from one of our Glasgow dentists depending on the circumstance.

In today’s blog post from Devonshire Dental Care, we’ll look at some of the solutions that are available when a tooth is chipped or broken.

Chipped tooth

One of the most common forms of tooth damage is cracks and chips. Some damage can just be aesthetic in nature and doesn’t cause pain, but you shouldn’t take a chance. The dentin portion of the tooth might become visible even with a tiny break or chip. This tooth’s porous area has the potential to let bacteria in, leading to slow tooth decay.  See a dentist as soon as possible to prevent further tooth decay or other dental issues.

There are a number of potential treatments for this, but some examples include Composite Bonding, Fillings, or Dental Veneers. We can treat the tooth to stop it from happening if a very small, purely cosmetic chip has produced a sharp edge that is grabbing on the cheeks or lips. This will reduce discomfort and the chance of oral soft tissue infections arising while also improving mouth comfort.

Tooth Breakages

The tooth is most likely to break if it is already weak, maybe due to decay or from prior, possibly unnoticed damage. Unfortunately, if treatment is delayed, a large portion of the natural tooth may be destroyed. If this happens, the tooth will certainly become vulnerable to decay. We advise that you contact us as soon as you can to schedule a consultation because it’s even possible that further harm to the compromised tooth will necessitate extraction. Our skilled staff at Devonshire Dental Care will be able to offer the best solution for the issue and, as always, the course of treatment will depend on the circumstances.

For a severely broken tooth, fillings are still an option, but the amount of damage will determine this. Many people choose tooth-colored fillings because they are more aesthetically pleasing and can be customised to match the colour of their natural teeth because a significant amount of the tooth may need to be replaced. 

When a filling wouldn’t be enough to give a tooth enough strength, a Dental Crown may be used instead. The damaged tooth must first be prepared for the crown by shaping it, and imprints of the tooth must then be created in order to create the crown (or cap). It may take up to a week for it to return to our Glasgow dental clinic after being completed at a specialised lab. To protect the tooth in the interim, you will be given a temporary crown.

We will take out the temporary crown and replace it with your finished new crown using powerful dental glue as soon as your permanent crown gets here. This creates a very solid attachment, which should allow the tooth to be functional again in most situations. Rarely, the crown may come loose. If this happens to you, please do not try to repair it yourself; instead, call your dentist so it can be done appropriately.

Losing teeth

Unfortunately, in some cases of breakage, there isn’t enough of the tooth still intact to support a crown. The tooth would almost certainly develop infection in such situations and might even do so painfully because it would be exposed. An extraction may be the only practical course of action when a tooth is in this state. Thankfully, there are several options for tooth replacement, including superior dental implants and dentures.

See a Dentist right away!

When your tooth is broken, one thing you must never do is ignore it. If it hurts or if the tooth accidentally cuts or scratches the mouth’s soft tissues, this is probably unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, a smaller and less bothersome breakage may influence some patients to ‘wait it out’ until their next checkup session.  If you do this, a lot of things could go wrong causing more pain in the long run and more invasive dental services. It is better to get chips and cracks dealt with as soon as possible rather than end up with future pain or bleeding, or have you need root canal treatment. As any breakage will inevitably weaken the remaining tooth, you could end up losing more of the tooth; if the inside of the tooth is exposed, you could end up with tooth decay; and finally, if bacteria enters the roots of the tooth, this could result in a root canal infection that could be painful and possibly harmful to your tooth.

Cracked or Broken teeth may not always feel like dental emergencies, but they should be taken care of as quickly as possible. In order to schedule a visit see your dentist as soon as possible and for guidance on what you should do to protect your teeth, contact us as soon as possible.

Your teeth should stay strong and healthy if you practise proper oral hygiene but even the healthiest teeth might break if an accident occurs. Please call Devonshire Dental Care at 0141 339 3123 as soon as possible if a tooth breaks.