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You’re probably excited if you’re getting permanent Braces installed since you’re finally getting close to having the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. But, since you’re uncertain of what to anticipate, a little part of you is certainly second-guessing your decision to proceed with Braces.

It can be difficult to get used to wearing Braces, and if you’ve never worn Braces before, you may not know how to take care of them. As a dental professional who regularly sets Braces and deals with orthodontics in Glasgow, We decided we’d take this chance to give some advice regarding life with Braces, which we hope you’ll find useful.

Our Top Tips For Living With Your New BracesFoods not to eat with Braces

It’s advised to stay away from the following foods when you’re wearing Braces, no matter what kind you have.

  • Sweet, sticky and chewy foods
  • Foods that are hard or crunchy such as whole apples, french bread, carrots, and crusty buns.

Foods that are safe for Braces

The following are recommended foods that you can eat if you get Braces.

  • Dairy products like milk and cream cheese
  • Muffins, pancakes, and soft bread
  • Soft foods such as rice or pasta
  • Salmon, tuna, chicken, corned beef, ham, and luncheon meat are examples of soft meat and seafood.
  • Fruit and vegetables steamed till they are tender and soft
  • Bananas, mashed potatoes, and baked beans

Feeling a little discomfort the first week with Braces.

Your mouth might feel a little sore at first, but living with braces will get better after a few days. Use salt water as a mouthwash to rinse your mouth in order to remove any bits of food that get trapped in the bracket or wire while also providing pain relief, but avoid swallowing it.

Teeth feel loose

Your expert dentist in Glasgow should let you know not to worry if you feel any looseness in your teeth; this is just your Braces performing their work by gradually relaxing your teeth so they can be aligned. They will stop feeling loose once they are placed in their proper position.

Keep any loose wires or bands from your Braces

See your Dentist immediately if you believe your Braces are going to come off. Your Braces may need to be adjusted in order to be fixed. If your braces get damaged, save everything that has come off your Braces in a secure place and bring it to the dental clinic.

When you are active in Sports

The great news is that you can keep up your athletic activities while getting Glasgow orthodontic treatment. To protect your braces and maintain your teeth, we highly advise you to always use a mouthguard.

Get a head start with your Orthodontic Treatment.

Get in touch with Devonshire Dental Care if you want orthodontic treatment. Contact us at 0141 339 3123 right away to schedule a consultation with our expert Dentist. We provide a wide range of Braces for both adults and children in Glasgow, including aligners and clear Braces.