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Braces aren’t just a smart way to spruce up your smile by straightening your teeth, they also offer a whole bunch of surprising health benefits.

Squeaky clean

Having better aligned teeth makes them so much easier to clean and keep healthy. If teeth are misaligned or crooked or if they don’t bite together very well, unwanted food particles can stick around in tight spaces and prove hard to remove. This creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of plaque – a chief culprit in the development of gum disease.

If you have well positioned teeth you will be able to get your toothbrush into all those hard to reach areas so much more effectively and you can also start getting busy with floss to ensure teeth are kept clean in between.

Bad bite

If your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly this may result in a bad ‘bite’, which can cause uneven stress and impact on certain teeth. As a result these stressed out teeth may start to wear down more quickly, leading to dental damage that may require repair or even replacement. Braces can lead to a better bite and less worn out teeth.

Get back in line

If your front teeth stick out significantly they may be more vulnerable to damage, simply because they aren’t as protected as less prominent teeth, especially when you get active or sporty. Braces can help sort out this sticky out issue by pushing them back into a safer place so they are less likely to take a beating.

Eat well

Eating may seem like a simple process that requires little thought, but wonky teeth can make biting or chewing really tricky. If the mechanics of eating are made difficult, it may put you off eating as much as you’d like or mean you don’t chew food properly leading to digestive or nutritional problems. Eating may also be a bit of a pain (literally) but braces can help stop misaligned teeth from interfering with your foody fun.

Speak up

Braces can also help put right any problems you may have with speaking, such as a lisp, so tidied up teeth can lead to clearer speech.

Show your teeth

As well as all these health benefits, sorting out problematic teeth can lead to a massive boost in your self-esteem because it helps to banish the embarrassment caused by crooked, gappy or overcrowded teeth. This means you’ll smile far more frequently and start to feel super sociable as eating and speaking become less of a chore.

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