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How long does composite dental bonding last?

By 16th February 2022December 8th, 2023No Comments

Composite Dental Bonding Glasgow


We all know the saying, ‘A smile is a happiness you find right under your nose’, and it’s true! When we smile we feel better, more confident, and happier. But what if you’re not as confident with your smile? Do you have a problem with your teeth that you want to fix? A small gap? In need of some tooth whitening? No need to worry! There are many options that can be done to help you get the smile you want, and one of those is composite bonding. It could be the solution you need for your teeth.


What is composite bonding?


You might have heard of veneers, and even dental caps/crowns, but the dental bonding procedure might be a new idea to you. Well, composite bonding is an alternative treatment, also known as tooth bonding or dental bonding. It is a small procedure that you can get done to fill a space or fix damage to your tooth. It can be used for fillings, gaps, fractures, or chips and can help to change the colour of your teeth. The filling material is a composite resin that is attached to your tooth and moulded to mirror their original look. The resin is matched to the colour of your teeth so that the bonding treatment doesn’t look out of place. Unless of course you’re opting for a whitening solution, in which case the resin will be whiter than your tooth.


How long does tooth bonding last?


Tooth bonding doesn’t last as long as porcelain veneers, but the results are successful for up to 10 years with the proper care. Your dental care is very important, so this means avoiding things that can crack the composite material such as chewy foods, ice cubes, and hard sweets. As long as you’re taking proper care of your dental hygiene, and get check-ups at the dentist regularly, there is no reason your bonding won’t last.


What are the benefits of composite bonding?


There are many benefits of this cosmetic bonding such as:

• Tooth whitening – if your teeth are discoloured, the procedure can help you whiten them and improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

• Filling spaces between your teeth- it can fill any of those cracks, gaps or chips you might have.

• Simple procedure – All it takes is one quick visit to your dental practice.

• Non-invasive treatment – this means that, unlike veneers and dental caps that take a part of your tooth, bonding material is only applied to the surface of the tooth.

• Less expensive – because it’s a quick non-invasive treatment it’s a cheaper alternative to other dental care.


Can I get composite bonding for free?


The procedure of tooth bonding when done as a cosmetic treatment, can’t be done for free. If you would like to find out more about what cosmetic bonding can do for your teeth, you can get in touch with us and discuss what dental care options your mouth needs in terms of appearance, and cost. You can have a look at our dental fees page here.