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Nowadays, there are many dental treatments available, largely because of technological developments that have made it possible for dental clinics like Devonshire Dental Care to offer a variety of procedures. At Devonshire, we are able to offer procedures ranging from composite bonding treatments to dental implants thanks to outstanding technology and knowledgeable staff. We enjoy working with clients to improve their smiles and provide outcomes that are nothing short of spectacular.

There are various ways to obtain these breathtaking results, and Composite Bonding can be the best option for you based on your dental problems. Braces are one option that can improve your smile, but they take a lot longer. However, you can get results much faster with a composite bonding procedure which also has additional advantages that you cannot get from other procedures.

There are reasons you would choose a Composite Bonding procedure as a successful way to improve your smile. However, some problems could be too serious to be handled by this method. All of this can be addressed during the initial consultation we have with you to go through your smile-fixing choices.

What Are The Benefits of Composite Bonding?

In the method known as Composite Bonding, the natural tooth is covered with a composite material. The bonding material can be applied without removing any of the tooth’s structure, which is ideal for clients who want to keep all of their original teeth. Since the composite material is just being applied on top of the tooth, the dental bonding procedure is also painless. To ensure that there is no colour difference once the medication is given, the composite material used is tooth-coloured. We will carefully match the colour of your tooth to the colour of the material before applying it to your teeth.

We’ll be able to apply the material in various amounts to produce the desired outcomes depending on your requirements. For instance, we can use little amounts of the substance to whiten spots of discolouration on teeth or modify the shape of teeth. We can also apply the substance to put composite veneers to your teeth, which completely surround each tooth and make your smile look whiter and brighter. You will be given full control over the course of this treatment during your initial appointment.

Chipped teeth can be repaired with veneers, giving them a brand-new appearance. If your teeth are generally healthy but have a few minor flaws, this is a fantastic option. There are some significant variations between this technique and porcelain veneers. To put the porcelain veneers material to your teeth a layer of enamel must be removed. This differs from composite bonding where the material can be put directly on top of the tooth.

It is extremely uncommon for someone to have beautiful teeth from birth, thus it is never too late to get your teeth corrected if you are currently living with flaws in your smile. With the composite material, even minor problems like uneven edges or sharp teeth edges can be fixed. Composite bonding therapy can also help with more serious problems like tooth cracks.

In addition, the procedure can be finished very quickly as part of our same-day smile makeover. In order to undergo this treatment, you must first schedule a consultation appointment to go over the process. After that, you can come in for the treatment and leave our facility the same day with the results. The therapy is absolutely pain-free, so you may unwind the entire time.

One of the main advantages of composite bonding treatment is that you’re able to get amazing results so quickly while also keeping the full original tooth. Your options for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth include Braces, either metal or aesthetic ones (such as Clear X aligners, which we offer at Devonshire Dental Care). However, if you choose braces, you will have to wear them for a period of time and in some situations, it may take several years to see the desired results.

Additionally, you’ll have to deal with braces’ limitations. Brushing your teeth with braces can be challenging, and food particles can easily become stuck in them. Being in braces requires you to be very careful as to what you eat and drink. Any sugar that remains on your teeth for an extended period of time can harm them. Long-term dental plaque buildup can result in a circle of discolouration forming around the bracket that has been cemented to the tooth. However, you can get straighter-looking teeth in a lot less time and have more freedom with composite bonding treatment.

You will need to take certain measures to maintain the composite material that has been placed on your teeth since it is prone to staining. Food and beverages with strong colours, including coffee and red wine, can eventually stain your teeth just like they can your actual teeth. Cigarettes can seriously harm your teeth as well, and can particularly damage the composite material.

Composite bonding procedures normally last between 5 and 7 years. Gaining the ideal smile is well worth the cost. It takes significantly more effort to maintain Porcelain Veneers because they last around three times as long as composite veneers. Once the composite treatment starts to fade, you can schedule a touch-up session to properly restore the composite treatment and maintain your beautiful smile.

Our same-day procedure is a great choice for a stunning smile makeover since we may use the material to whiten your teeth in addition to straightening them. This may give the impression that your grin is bigger and your teeth are in good shape. The composite material can be used to cover discolouration and damaged teeth, entirely changing the appearance of your smile.

Composite Bonding Treatment To Whiten Teeth at DevonshireDental Care

Because we customise every treatment for you, preparing your journey with Devonshire Dental Care is a very personal procedure. You’ll be invited to our luxurious facility in Glasgow to start organising your treatment.

Throughout the procedure, our welcoming and approachable team will make sure you’re at ease and be there to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to relieve any concerns or anxiety you may have about getting dental treatment and to make you feel relaxed.

An initial appointment will set the stage for the composite bonding procedure by outlining your expectations and what the procedure includes. Planning will be completed before the treatment day so you can show up and receive the therapy that same day. This will save you from having to make many sessions and allow you to start enjoying the results right away. You will receive guidance on how to effectively take care of your teeth and protect the treatment before you leave our facility.

You can arrange a consultation appointment with us on our website or send us an email using the contact form there to begin your path to whitening and flawless teeth. We’ll assist you with your dental plan as soon as we can after hearing from you.