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For a simply sparkling summer, try lightening up your smile with a highly effective tooth whitening treatment that guarantees stunning results.

Teeth can lose their brightness for several reasons, including staining (from smoking, red wine and coffee), a thinning of the enamel as we age, certain medications and trauma to the teeth. Stubborn discolouration cannot be eliminated with brushing alone, so it may be worth considering a professionally delivered whitening treatment to revitalise your dull grin.

Enlighten is a superior whitening treatment that achieves dazzling results with low tooth sensitivity. It is a combination treatment that features two weeks of home whitening, followed by a session with the dentist to complete the lightening process.

Enlighten whitening has a whole bunch of beautiful benefits:

  • Designed to lighten up to 16 shades
  • Safe process overseen by a dental professional
  • Lasting results
  • Handy desensitising swabs and tooth serum to prepare teeth and lessen any sensitivity
  • Thin, comfy mouth trays

How does Enlighten brighten my smile?

We take impressions of your teeth so a set of custom-made trays can be created. While you are waiting for your specially designed trays, you will need to use the Enlighten Tooth Serum twice a day – this helps protect your teeth and reduces sensitivity.

The mouth trays are specially designed to fit snugly over your teeth to ensure the special bleaching gel has adequate contact with your less than bright pearly whites. They are worn at home every night for 14 days to prepare your teeth for a final session in the surgery. During this 40 minute session, the dentist will use a more powerful gel and accelerate the process with a whitening lamp, resulting in teeth that can be up to 16 shades lighter!

Results with Enlighten are long lasting but if you do require a little top-up at some point, you can reuse your tailor-made trays and simply purchase more gel.

Interested a touch of enlightenment in the tooth department? Give us a call, but tell your friends and family they’re gonna need shades!