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Dentures in Glasgow

Ever wondered how to restore your smile and regain the confidence to eat, speak, and laugh freely? Discover the transformative power of dentures at Devonshire Dental Care in Glasgow. Our expert team is ready to tailor a solution that brings back the joy of a natural-looking, functional smile.

What exactly is a denture?

A complete denture replaces natural teeth. It is an appliance that allows you to enjoy all the normal things you would in life, but with a confident smile. A complete denture replaces all the missing natural teeth on either the lower or upper jaw and a partial denture can fill any gaps left from singular missing teeth. Partial dentures are fixed to the neighbouring natural teeth with metal fixings.

Who could benefit from using dentures?

Dentures are beneficial for individuals who:

  1. Have Missing Teeth: Dentures offer a solution for those with multiple missing teeth, whether due to decay, injury, or other dental issues.
  2. Seek Aesthetic Improvement: Individuals looking to enhance their smile aesthetically, regain facial structure, and improve overall facial appearance.
  3. Require Functional Teeth Replacement: Those who need functional teeth for eating, speaking, and maintaining oral health after tooth loss.
  4. Want Affordable Tooth Replacement: Individuals seeking a cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth compared to other dental restoration methods.
  5. Desire Restored Confidence: People who wish to regain confidence in social situations and daily activities with a complete and natural-looking smile.
  6. Prefer Non-Invasive Options: Those who may not be suitable candidates for more invasive dental procedures such as dental implants.
  7. Require Temporary Solutions: Individuals who need a temporary solution while planning for more permanent dental treatments.
  8. Seek Easily Maintainable Oral Care: Those looking for a dental restoration option that is easy to clean and maintain with regular oral hygiene practices.
  9. Experience Oral Health Challenges: Individuals with various oral health challenges, such as gum disease or weakened jawbone, where dentures provide a viable solution.
Dentures in Glasgow West End - Devonshire Dental Care

Benefits of dentures

Dentures come with many benefits:

  1. Aesthetic Improvement: Dentures restore a natural-looking smile, enhancing facial appearance and boosting confidence.
  2. Functional Teeth Replacement: Enable effective chewing, speaking, and maintaining essential oral functions for overall well-being.
  3. Affordability: Cost-effective compared to some alternative tooth replacement options, making them accessible to a wider range of individuals.
  4. Versatility: Available in various types, including partial and full dentures, catering to specific tooth replacement needs.
  5. Non-Invasive Option: Dentures provide a non-invasive solution for those who may not be suitable candidates for more complex dental procedures.
  6. Ease of Maintenance: Simple oral care routines, regular cleaning, and periodic check-ups contribute to the longevity of dentures.
  7. Facial Structure Support: Helps prevent sagging of facial muscles and provides support to facial structures, maintaining a youthful appearance.
  8. Quick Restoration: Offers a relatively quick and efficient solution for replacing missing teeth, improving functionality promptly.
  9. Comfortable Fit: Advances in denture materials and technology contribute to more comfortable and secure fits, reducing discomfort.
  10. Temporary or Permanent Solution: Serves as a temporary or permanent tooth replacement option based on individual preferences and needs.
  11. Improved Speech: Dentures aid in clearer speech by replacing missing teeth that may affect pronunciation.
  12. Adaptability: Individuals can adapt to dentures seamlessly, adjusting to their new oral appliances over time.
  13. Boosted Self-Esteem: Restores self-esteem and a positive self-image by providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Types of dentures

Here are the various types of dentures:

  1. Full Dentures: Replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Conventional full dentures are removable and rest on the gums, while implant-supported full dentures attach to dental implants for added stability.
  2. Partial Dentures: Designed for individuals with some missing teeth. They anchor to existing natural teeth with clasps or precision attachments, offering a removable and cost-effective solution.
  3. Immediate Dentures: Placed immediately after tooth extraction, allowing patients to have teeth during the healing period. Adjustments may be necessary as the gums and jawbone heal.
  4. Implant-Supported Dentures: Attached to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone, providing enhanced stability and preventing bone loss. Common for both full and partial dentures.
  5. Overdentures: Fit over remaining natural teeth or dental implants, preserving existing teeth and providing additional stability. They can be removable or fixed.
  6. Snap-In Dentures: Secured to dental implants using snaps or attachments, offering a more stable and secure fit than traditional removable dentures.
  7. Flexible Dentures: Made from a flexible, lightweight material, offering a comfortable and natural fit. Ideal for those seeking an alternative to traditional rigid denture materials.
  8. Economy Dentures: Budget-friendly denture option typically made from basic materials. While more affordable, they may have limitations in terms of comfort and durability.
  9. Cosmetic Dentures: Crafted with a focus on aesthetics, cosmetic dentures aim to replicate the natural appearance of teeth and gums for a more lifelike smile.
  10. All-on-4 Dentures: A fixed full-arch denture supported by four dental implants, providing stability and function. Suitable for individuals missing all teeth in one or both arches.
  11. Custom Dentures: Tailored to the individual’s unique oral anatomy, providing an optimal fit and appearance. Crafted based on detailed measurements and impressions.
Benefits of Dentures in Glasgow West End - Devonshire Dental Care

The process of getting dentures

  1. Consultation: Begin with a comprehensive consultation with a dentist at Devonshire Dental Care. Discuss your oral health, concerns, and preferences to determine the most suitable denture type for your needs.
  2. Examination and Impressions: Undergo a thorough examination, including X-rays, to assess the condition of your teeth and gums. Precise impressions of your mouth are taken to create custom-fitted dentures.
  3. Tooth Extraction (if needed): If teeth need extraction, the dentist will plan the removal procedure. Immediate dentures may be provided to wear during the healing period.
  4. Temporary Dentures (if needed): In some cases, temporary dentures are provided to maintain functionality and aesthetics while the permanent ones are being crafted.
  5. Denture Design and Fabrication: Based on impressions and measurements, the dentures are custom-designed for a precise fit. Skilled technicians craft the dentures from materials that mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth.
  6. Fitting and Adjustments: Once the dentures are ready, you return to Devonshire Dental Care for a fitting. The dentist ensures the dentures align properly, make necessary adjustments, and assess your comfort.
  7. Final Placement: Once adjustments are complete and you are satisfied with the fit, the final dentures are securely placed. Instructions on care, maintenance, and potential adjustments are provided.
  8. Post-Placement Check-ups: Attend follow-up appointments to monitor the adaptation of the dentures, address any concerns, and make additional adjustments if needed.
  9. Adaptation Period: Adjusting to dentures may take some time. Practice speaking, eating, and cleaning your dentures regularly to enhance comfort and functionality.
  10. Regular Check-ups: Schedule regular check-ups at Devonshire Dental Care to ensure the dentures continue to fit well and address any changes in your oral health.
The Process of Getting Dentures in Glasgow West End - Devonshire Dental Care

Frequently asked questions

Why should I try dentures?

Having missing teeth can affect your confidence and can also cause further damage to your oral health. Without replacing these missing teeth, the muscles and jawbone can deteriorate, causing your face to sag it can also affect your ability to speak.

How long will I need to wear dentures for?

Initially it is advised that you wear your dentures all day long, even at night. This will help you, and your mouth muscles, to adapt to the shape and fit of the appliance. After this initial period you will be able to take them out at night, which will allow for your gums to rest and relax.

What are they made from?

The plate, or base, of a denture is usually made of plastic or metal. The false teeth are made from acrylic and can be made to look just like your natural teeth.

Will dentures feel or look different?

Dentures will be made so that they resemble your natural teeth as best as possible. In a lot of cases dentures can completely improve the appearance of a person’s smile. New dentures are likely to feel uncomfortable at first, but you will quickly become used to them. In some cases the denture may feel loose as your muscles adapt to keeping them in place. If problems continue after a few weeks then you should visit our dentist.

Will dentures affect my facial appearance?

Dentures can provide support to facial structures, preventing a sunken appearance often seen with tooth loss.

What about my sense of taste?

There is not really any difference. Initially the dentures may interfere with your taste buds and your ability to sense hot or cold food. However, these problems do not last very long, if at all, and you will be able to enjoy your normal diet.

How long does it take to get used to wearing dentures?

It may take a few weeks to become fully comfortable with dentures as your mouth adjusts to the new appliance.

How do I clean and maintain my dentures?

It is recommended that dentures are given as much care as natural teeth, including all the methods and techniques that you would normally employ. This is extremely important for those with partial dentures, as it will prevent gum disease and decay in the rest of the natural teeth. When cleaning your dentures it is advised that it is done over a folded towel or a sink full of water, as they are delicate and may break if they are dropped. When they are not being worn they should be kept in a special container filled with water to cover them. Specially made denture brushes and toothpastes are available, but soft-bristle brushes work just as well.

Can dentures be repaired if damaged?

Yes, dentures can often be repaired if they are chipped, cracked, or damaged. It’s best to consult our dentist for repairs.

Are there any dietary restrictions with dentures?

Initially, soft foods are recommended, but as you get used to dentures, you can gradually reintroduce a normal diet.

How often should I see my dentist for denture adjustments?

Regular check-ups are important, and our dentist will advise on the frequency of adjustments based on your needs.

Can dentures improve speech difficulties caused by missing teeth?

Yes, dentures can help improve speech difficulties associated with tooth loss by providing support and proper tooth alignment.

Are there alternatives to traditional dentures?

Yes, alternatives include implant-supported dentures and dental bridges, which offer more stability and a natural feel.

What’s the difference between conventional and immediate dentures?

Conventional dentures are inserted once teeth have been removed and the gum is allowed to heal. This healing process can take several months. Immediate dentures are inserted straight after the tooth has been removed. This is achieved by your dentist taking a digital scan and measurements of your teeth during an initial assessment. Immediate dentures eliminate the need for a patient to go without teeth during the healing period; however, immediate dentures don’t allow for when bones and gums shrink after the removal of teeth, which may mean that they need to be relined or replaced in the future.

Will I ever need to replace my dentures?

Wear and tear or a change of shape in your mouth may require that your dentures be re-made or adjusted. Bone and gums can shrink, which will cause the denture to become loose which will then cause discomfort or even infection. Poorly fitting dentures need to be addressed quickly to avoid any of these issues.

Why choose Devonshire Dental Care for dentures?

Rediscover the joy of a complete and confident smile with Devonshire Dental Care in Glasgow. Here’s why our patients choose us for dentures:

1. Expert Craftsmanship: Trust our skilled team with expertise in crafting precision dentures. We prioritise creating comfortable and natural-looking solutions tailored to your unique needs.

2. Customised Partial Dentures: Enjoy personalised partial dentures designed to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. Our range starts from £280, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

3. Full Cosmetic Dentures: Transform your smile with full cosmetic dentures for one arch at an attractive £670. Our cosmetic dentures prioritize aesthetics, providing you with a stunning and functional smile.

4. Comprehensive Consultations: Begin with in-depth consultations where our dental professionals assess your oral health, discuss your preferences, and create a customized denture plan that aligns with your lifestyle.

5. State-of-the-Art Materials: Benefit from modern and durable materials used in crafting our dentures. We utilise advanced technology to ensure longevity, comfort, and a natural appearance.

6. Patient-Centric Approach: Experience a patient-centric approach where your comfort and satisfaction are paramount. Our team ensures a positive and stress-free environment throughout your denture journey.

7. Convenient Location: Located centrally in Glasgow, Devonshire Dental Care provides easy accessibility for your denture needs. Enjoy the convenience of enhancing your smile in a welcoming and well-connected setting.

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What our patients are saying

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Alison O'Hara
Alison O'Hara
Liam explained the procedure in detail and I felt I was in good hands. No pain at all during or after procedure for teeth implants.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones
Devonshire Dental Care provides the best dental care that I have ever experienced. I recently developed a bad toothache and after having no sleep overnight, I called them as soon as they opened and not only did Nicola and her team fit me in but also relieved my pain. Nicola also went above and beyond in my opinion when she called me later in the day to see if I was doing ok and to let me know I should come back in if I had any problems. Thank you Nicola and the amazing team at Devonshire Dental, you are outstanding and I cannot recommend you more.
kim o'donnell
kim o'donnell
Fantastic care and treatment would highly recommend them
Kiara Harkness
Kiara Harkness
I went to Devonshire on a friend’s recommendation after receiving a treatment plan from another dentist indicating I need 4 fillings. Nicola made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. Her professionalism is complemented by her friendly demeanour. Nicola advised I only needed 1 filling rather than 4. The filling was done perfectly and looks completely natural. My hygiene appointment was quick and thorough. The staff are really friendly and professional. Having trust in your dentist is so important and seeing Nicola has made me feel glad I came to the practice. I’ll be a returning patient and will recommend to all friends and colleagues.
Janet Mcdougall
Janet Mcdougall
Professional very knowledgeable about implants.
roger sutcliffe
roger sutcliffe
First rate practice.
Jill D
Jill D
I can’t say enough good things about Devonshire dental care and Mr Alan Rennie. Everyone there has a very relaxed and friendly approach, Alan talks you through your treatment options thoroughly and, after seeing him for 10 years I can confirm his work is to a very high stardard. I have been terrified of the dentist my whole life but going to Alan Rennie has really helped calm me down to the point going is much easier.

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