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Devonshire Dental Care wishes you health and happiness in 2023!

Resolutions can be difficult to keep. Gyms are crowded on the second, third, and fourth of January, but by February, attendance has dropped again. Staying dentally fit is a lifestyle change we need to make these days, and we can do it easily by maintaining excellent routines throughout the year.

So, here are our top five best dental practises. Most of us already practise at least some of them, so achieving excellent oral health is a realistic goal to establish.

5 Good Dental Habits to Adopt in 2023The Top Five Best Dental Practises

1. Brushing

Doesn’t it sound simple? However, many of us do not brush for the entire 2 minutes, so setting a timer is a great idea.

It also helps to have a strategy in place so that no details are overlooked. Divide your mouth into four quadrants and work your way around the outside and interior surfaces, tilting the brush to reach the gum line.

A few of us also brush our teeth too quickly after eating. It’s preferable to wait about 30 minutes for our teeth’ enamel to re-strengthen. When the two minutes are up, spit rather than rinse. This is done to retain the protective fluoride in toothpaste on our teeth for a longer period of time.

2. Flossing

How regularly do you floss? Your dentist or hygienist may ask. They can really tell if you are not flossing! So, it is best to perform it at least once every day. It’s also a good idea to keep an interdental brush available, as food material trapped between teeth can cause gum disease.

3. Visiting your dentist often

If you already have an appointment scheduled for 2023, verify that you saved it to your calendar.

If you have not yet scheduled an appointment, please use our online contact form to do so. Especially if it has been six months since your last dental visit.

A dental checkup can help detect problems before they become severe. In addition to relieving pain, they reduce the expense of treatment. Many individuals purchase a dental plan to help lessen the expense of regular private dental care.

4. Seek Expert Assistance to Solve Issues

Whether you have sensitive teeth, are self-conscious about yellowing teeth, an uncomfortable gap, or have bleeding gums or any other dental concern, don’t let your dental health change for the worse. Using over-the-counter products or online assistance will not provide the same outcomes as working with your dental team. You can actually end up causing more harm than helping. We urge you to schedule an appointment with a dentist.

5. Work on improving general health

This is really important! You should give up smoking, drink less alcohol, eat reduced sugar and fat, and exercise more if you want to improve your overall health. That’s a lot to consider!

Still, the way we live really does affect our oral health and our overall health. You’ll not only feel great, but you’ll also look good.

Glowing skin, toned muscles, and a dazzling smile are a winning combination. However, they do not happen overnight. It involves attention, determination, and work. Try to get started right away. Then, before February even begins, you’ll see a difference and realise it was worth the effort.

Having a healthy and fit body is important to both our minds and our teeth. Give it a shot for there is only one of you!

Best wishes from the Devonshire Dental Care team.

We really hope you have many reasons to smile in the coming months!